Atomic Rush

Test your speed and agility.

Rush to catch your colors in this next gen arcade game.

Are you fast? Are you nimble? Are you ready to test those skills?

Then enter the Atomic Rush arena and find out just how flexible you are!

The goal is simple: Touch as many of your colored lights as possible in 60 seconds. The more lights you touch, the more points you get. The execution is hard: You’re competing against your friends and family, and you never know where the lights will show up next.

The latest in touch and LED technology, Atomic Rush is a rush of fun in 60 seconds of intensity. With unlimited variations, vibrant colors, and amazing sound, you’ll wonder how a single minute could go by so fast. This is the next generation arcade. Are you up for the challenge?

Available at our Euless location, Atomic Rush awaits the nimble. Come find out if you are one of them.

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Atomic Rush isn’t the only way to have fun at iT’Z!


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