Bumper Cars

Bump up the fun!

Bad driving is good fun when you play bumper cars at iT'Z.

Sit down. Buckle up. Get bashing with your friends and family.

You know all those rules you learned in driver’s ed? Toss them out the window when you step into our bumper cars arena – the one place where bad driving is highly encouraged! Grab your friends and family and step aboard our electric cars for a wild ride that is all about how many crashes you can get into.

Our bumper cars are safe enough for kids to ride (But watch out; they might be even better at bad driving than you are!), but fun enough for grown ups too (We welcome your inner child!). So let your wild side out and step aboard an iT’Z bumper cars arena near you, where a sleek look and modern cars belie the good old fashioned fun you are about to run into.

Remember: The best way to enjoy all the fun at iT’z is with our Best Deal package, which is just $35.99! It includes Unlimited Buffet & Drinks and a $50 Fun Card! Check out all of our deals here.

Need Birthday Party Ideas? Try Bumper Cars at an iT’Z location near you!


Think outside the box and have a bashin’ good time at your next birthday party with these ideas for a bumper cars birthday party.

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iT’Z Family Food and Fun has three locations in the state of Texas - Euless, Pasadena and Houston. Fun includes bowling, arcade, pizza buffet, rock climbing, bumper cars and more!


Bowling, Bumper Cars, Rock Climbing, Laser Tag, Dining Sunday - Thursday 11am -10pm Friday - Saturday 11am -12am


Bowling, Bumper Cars, Monkey Jump, Laser Tag, Dining Sunday - Thursday 11am -10pm Friday - Saturday 11am -12am


Bowling, Rock Climbing, Bumper Cars, Monkey Jump, Disk'O, Dining Sunday - Thursday 11am -10pm Friday - Saturday 11am -12am