A whirl of fun awaits.

Whirl and twirl yourself to a good time on this indoor roller coaster.

Whirl and twirl yourself to a good time on this indoor roller coaster.  

The Disk O might be indoors, but the fun it offers you is out of this world. A spinning, twirling, roller coaster, it offers kids and adults alike the chance to experience exhilarating, breathtaking fun.

This indoor roller coaster doesn’t just take you up and down hills like a traditional coaster. Instead, you enjoy seats that twirl and spin as you ride the roller coaster. Up and down and around and around…no wonder the Disk O is a fan favorite at iT’Z Willowbrook.  

Available only at our Willowbrook location, this roller coaster will be the highlight of your visit (Just make sure to ride it before you eat). Strap in and experience the thrilling twists and turns of a roller coaster right inside our building!

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diskoDisk O isn’t the only way to have fun at iT’Z!


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